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Tips For Choosing The Right Printer Paper

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Choosing printer paper isn’t as simple as going to the local store and choosing one of the reams of paper that happens to be on sale, going home and putting it into the printer. While this may be what most individuals do, it isn’t the most efficient or effective method.

The type of paper you use for your printing projects should be determined by the type of project you’re printing. If you simply need to print a quick document that you need to read, then you can likely use the on-sale ream of paper. If, however, you’re printing photos or a resume you will want to use a higher quality paper – one specifically chosen for a unique purpose.

How can you know what type of paper you should be using? Here are some guidelines to follow when you’re making your decision:

First – What is the project you’re going to be printing? Resumes, as mentioned before, require a more high quality paper than do most other items. Do you need to print reports for a school project?

You can certainly use the cheapest paper you can find, but keep in mind that low quality paper may have a lower up front price, but it will cost you more in the long run because these kinds of paper absorb printer ink at a higher rate. What does this mean? Bottom line, it means that the text on the document may be blurry and you will also be using more ink for a printing job on low quality paper than you will on higher quality paper.

Second – What kind of printer do you have? An inkjet printer uses ink cartridges and laser jet printers use toner cartridges. Why does this matter? Because they are unique printing methods and as such require different types of paper for optimal results. A laser printer “burns” the text onto the paper with lasers and the inkjets spray droplets of ink into the grooves. If you use paper specifically designed for an inkjet with a laser printer you will likely see smudgy results. Take care, when shopping for paper, to buy paper that is suited to your printer type for best results.

Third – In addition to the quality and type of paper you use for your printing project, you may want to consider the use of eco-friendly or recycled paper. There are even papers on the market that are “paper-free” such as the innovative rock paper (made from recycled limestone and calcium carbonate). Recycled, eco-friendly paper is just as white as traditional paper.

It is well worth your time to choose the correct paper for not only your project, but for the type of printer you own. Because it is so easy to change paper in the printer you may also want to keep several varieties on hand for your specific projects.

Choosing the right paper will save you money and using compatible ink cartridges or compatible toner cartridges will help keep your printing costs to a minimum while producing high quality documents.