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Making Your Printer Work For You!

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Whether you print at home or for your business, it can become a major expense. In fact, it’s been noted that a business owner will spend up to more than five percent of his revenue on printing alone! The costs associated with running a printer include the upfront cost of the printer itself, the paper and ink used as well as the maintenance on the printer.

When you consider that, on average, employees print 10,000 pages annually, and the costs of these prints can range from six to 15 cents apiece, you’re looking at a cost, per employee of close to $1,500 a year. Wow! Chances are, you don’t ask that much of your home printer, but even the costs on a personal use computer can quickly add up, especially if you use it for school or work.

How can you address this expense and save money on your printing costs?

Here are some ways:

  • One way is to make certain that the pages you’re printing are set up to print correctly and are actually necessary. If you are given the option to “print all pages” or “print current page” you will want to choose the option that makes sense and only print what you need.
  • If you’re printing graphics, but don’t necessarily need them in color, choose a greyscale or black and white mode to save on the colored ink.
  • If you’re printing form a website, choose the “printer-friendly” open or copy and paste the text into a document and only print what you need. Many times when you print from a website you are also printing ads, links to other sites and other information you don’t need, which uses your ink.
  • Unless you need a high quality copy, choose the “draft” mode for printing as that offers you a legible copy, but uses fewer resources such as ink.

For those times when only the highest quality print and paper will do, then you will have saved money on operating costs throughout the year, or with your other printing projects if you follow the steps above.

Another great way to save money on print costs is to purchase and use refurbished ink cartridges. These cartridges are available for all, or nearly all, brands of printers and provide the same high quality print you’d find with other cartridges.