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Laser Printers Best For Speed and Text

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The costs of printing, especially if you work in an office with multiple employees, can really add up. Because of that, office managers are looking for ways to improve printing efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to wanting to save time, money and printer paper and ink, there could be a drain on the company network if multiple employees are clamoring for the printer at the same time.

Is there a solution? Yes, investing in a new printer that is capable of operating efficiently and effectively and allowing for multiple user network connections.

If you’re in an office setting and your employees are printing thousands of copies per month you are likely looking for ways to improve both efficiency and effectiveness. You may also be faced with a situation in which you have multiple employees waiting for their document to print costing the company time and lost productivity.

The manufacturers of printers today work to keep up with the needs of multiple users in a way that allows for fast, clear printing while allowing multiple users access across the company network. Today’s office printers, whether in an actual office setting or in your home, are also called upon to act as a fax machine, scanner and copier all in one. They are also likely being asked to print anything from plain text documents up to high gloss, high quality, full color brochures and everything in between.

Inkjet printers are still felt, by many, to be the printer of choice because of their ability to print high quality photos. Laser printers, however, perform their printing jobs faster than inkjet printers. A laser printer also provides more uniform printing of text and these printers can usually house larger paper trays; they also may have a more robust hard drive and that could make networking multiple computers an easier task to perform.

When it comes to speed, a laser printer can print close to 50 pages per minute. The reason for the speed of the laser printer is that the laser draws on an image then applies toner to give it color while an inkjet printer must place individual microscopic dots of ink to form the images.

Photo-quality inkjet printers still win rave reviews over laser printers that are printing photos, but laser printers are now able to print out higher quality documents than they were in the past – up to 1200 dots per inch.

If you’re purchasing a laser printer, be prepared to be faced with myriad choices that range from color to monochromatic lasers; you will need to determine if you’ll be printing more black and white as opposed to color copies to help make this decision. If you are in need of high quality, color copies you may want to stick with the inkjet printer.

Research the printers on the market, determine your unique needs and what you will be asking of the printer and then determine your budget before you start shopping for your next printer.

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